Countryside Park’s New Pollinator Garden

With financial support provided by the Levin Family Foundation, a new pollinator garden has been installed in Countryside Park on the Washington Township Recreation Campus. Included in the design are seventeen varieties of native plants, three butterfly houses, a bench, and stepping stones. The pollinator garden is located along the northwest edge of Countryside Park which runs behind Rec West, the Recreation Center and east of the Rec Center.

Pollinator gardens help restore and maintain abundant and healthy populations of butterflies and bees that are essential to pollination.

    Why are pollinators so crucial for human survival?

  • They are needed for 90% of flowering plants to reproduce
  • Pollinators are required for one third of crops to reproduce
  • They increase farming production such as soybeans, tomatoes, melons, and alfalfa
  • Pollinators support natural ecosystems and biodiversity

Here is the layout for the final product:

Come on by to visit us and walk along the path!


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