Propolis Projects to Plant Food Forest in Neighborhood of West Dayton

6-19-2015 June 22 West Dayton Food ForestOn Monday, June 22nd, Propolis Projects will create a “food forest” within the northwest corner of West Fifth Street and South Williams Street in West Dayton, an area that is currently considered a “food desert.” The neighborhood in focus, Wright-Dunbar, is an area in which many inhabitants do not have access to healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

The food forest will include a dozen garden boxes growing various fruits and vegetables for those living in the neighborhood. Sunflowers and wildflowers will also be planted, feeding and attracting pollinators.

Many have partnered with Propolis Projects in this endeavor including Home Depot, Whole Foods, the City of Dayton, and more. After the planting has been completed, volunteers will be checking in daily to ensure that the lot is properly cared for. Outcome measures will be analyzed throughout the process. If the first installation produces an appreciable contribution to the health of the community, Propolis Projects will have great headway in expanding its developments and making a greater positive impact to the state of the environment.

Please stay tuned for more information.


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